5 week update

You won’t believe it. I have been running for 5 weeks and I haven’t even posted a running photo on the gram! In fact, I’ve only shared photos and details of my running with a small number of close friends.

You know what else? I just ran 10km for the first time in my life!

Even back in 2013 when I completed an adventure race and a 27km off-road race, the longest I had run was 5km non-stop and that was a rarity. Likewise for 2014 when I completed my first and last official half-marathon – running 5km non-stop was a one-off.

So it seems this “just run” motto is working. I might point out that I am probably the heaviest I’ve been in my life (although I wouldn’t really know because 2017 is the year that I don’t weigh myself) and I am being far more successful running than when I was possibly 10-15kg lighter than I am now. As far as I’m concerned, the additional weight is resistance training.

For once in my life I am ok about my jiggly and dimply bits. They’re slogging out the kms just fine and enabling to make huge progress after only 5 weeks of training. When I started, I couldn’t run for 2 minutes non-stop and now I can run for over an hour – not only that but I have increased my pace by 20s/km even on the long runs.

Reflecting on my “training rules” I have been fairly successful so far:

  • Postive vibes only ✔️
  • At least 3 runs per week ✔️ – Achieved for most parts
  • At least 1 interval training session per week  
  • Do not increase distance unless running continuously ✔️
  • Do not cross-train to replace running ✔️
  • Ditch the fear and run with friends ✔️ – Running with a friend has been great!
  • Focus one day at a time ✔️ – This has stopped me being overwhelmed
  • Celebrate every milestone ✔️
  • Stretch. Recover. Reward. ✔️ – Rewarding myself with lots of positivity and stretching is keeping the injuries at bay.

So all in all, so far so good!

5 weeks down, 8 weeks until race day. Totally doable, right.



I may be slower than a herd of turtles running through peanut butter



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